Welcome to The Moon Shard!

This City of Heroes (privately operated) public server was created for the City of Heroes player community and their friends and acquaintances to play together in an open atmosphere.

The Moon Shard has been shut down.

The Moon Shard has shut down due to a lack of active players, and has been merged with the most active "Volume 2" independent City of Heroes server called "Rebirth".
Thank you for your interest, but it is no longer possible to play on this server.

Note for existing Moon Shard players: if you wish to continue playing on Rebirth, please follow these instructions:

  1. If you don't have a Rebirth account yet, create one! https://play.cityofheroesrebirth.com/
  2. Send in a ticket (on the Rebirth account website, after logging in with your account credentials, go to "support" in the top menu) or in-game petition (after logging in to the game on Rebirth) stating that you want your account from The Moon Shard merged with the Rebirth account. In the ticket:
    • Include BOTH the account name (login name) on Rebirth AND the account name on The Moon Shard.
    • Mention (some of) the characters on your Moon Shard account as they were before the shutdown happened (needed for verification).
  3. Be patient. Rebirth staff will have to manually import your characters and merge them with your Rebirth account. This can take a number of days to be completed.
Please note that if you have a character that shares a name with a Rebirth account, your Rebirth one will be left alone but your Moon Shard one will be "Generic'd". A GM can issue a Rename token in that case.
Loyalty points will not be retained, neither will your friends lists or supergroup info/prestige/bases, but everything else on your characters (progression, resources, salvage, badges, story arc progression, etc.) will be preserved with the merger.
Check our discord for more details or if you have questions! https://discord.gg/KGsDMkX

At the time of shutdown, there were 74 registered accounts holding 108 unique characters.