Rules of Engagement
  • This server is geared towards mature players. If you are a minor, please make sure you have permission to play here.
  • Please do not harass other players. This includes obnoxious behavior in public zones, zone chat, or private messages. If someone asks you to leave them alone, respect that.
  • Please be mindful of players with limited computing hardware: if you are not engaged in combat then switch off your toggle powers, e.g. when training, waiting for a team to fill up, or using the auction house. Having "hasten" on auto really doesn't make your sales go any faster ;)
  • Please do not engage in real-world transactions on this server (i.e. real money). Anyone engaging in real-world commercial activities like selling inf, level-up services or what-have-you will be banned and reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • No donations: we do not ask for donations to run this server. We own the hardware and currently have no additional expenses (besides some electricity) to run this server and therefore don't need any donations.
    Anyone in-game who is asking for donations for the server is an impostor and should be reported immediately to staff via cohserver [at]
  • Multi-boxing is strictly prohibited -- we do not allow you to multi-box (using multiple clients by yourself) for any reason.
  • No favors - we (game admins/game masters) do not grant any disproportionate favors to players to "get ahead" or take shortcuts through the game. Everyone, including the server admin, is playing this game fairly with normal game, experience and resource progression. This is a strict requirement to be able to keep things fair for all. Although actual GM/Admin characters may be omnipotent, they are not used or allowed to be used for gameplay.
  • Please use English in all public or mixed-nationality group chat channels. Although we are located in Europe and are aware that many nationalities may play here with non-English native languages, we want to provide an open and welcoming atmosphere to all. That includes using a language that is generally understood by everyone.